In this collaboration with fourteen acting students at Unitec's School of Performing Arts in Auckland, New Zealand, our production pointed to the things about Othello that troubled us. Through textual repetition, looping and a chorus of women, we created a re-working of Shakespeare rooted in the contemporary realities of racism and intimate partner violence within New Zealand.

Presented 10-17 June 2017, Unitec Theatre, Auckland, New Zealand.





  • Direction: Eleanor Bishop 
  • Performance:  Brendan Clarke, Marc George, Saane Green, Tamara Gussy, Asha Haines, Rory Hamilton, Fraser Hoffman, Georgia Hoskins-Smith, Josh Metcalfe, Kiri Naik, Mark Sole, Carrisse Utai, Shelley Waddams, Ahmed Youssef
  • Costume Design: Kate Mason
  • Lighting Design: Jane Hakaraia
  • Sound Design: Michael Goodwin
  • Stage Manager:  Laura Patterson
  • Fight Director: Alex Holloway
  • Production Photography: Carsten Kudra