The PlayGround Collective (Eleanor Bishop, Eli Kent & Robin Kerr) were commissioned by Auckland Theatre Company to create a theatrical piece in response to a series of high profile deaths of teenagers in Auckland, New Zealand from excess alcohol consumption. Working with the national Health Promotion Agency and a cast of thirty, the company devised a site-specific participatory party. Set at an illegal high school after-ball party, the story revolved around three friends questioning their drinking habits in response to the death of their friend Joseph, who two weeks ago, drunk and daring jumped off a roof diving for the swimming pool but never made it to the water. 


  • Creators: The PlayGround Collective
  • Co-Directors: Eleanor Bishop & Robin Kerr
  • Writer: Eli Kent
  • Producer: Lynne Cardy
  • Set & Costume Design: Jessika Verryt
  • Sound Design: Gareth Hobbs
  • Lighting Design: Nik Januirek
  • Performers: Emily Campbell, Jessica Choy, James Collyer, Leilani Dave-Ekepati, Joanna Dibley, Giverny Forbes, Andrew Gunn, Lucas Haugh, Kengo Hosaka, Holly Hudson, Emily Johnson, Kynan Johnson Jones, Albertine Jonas, Lole Kata, Melody Knapp,  
    Isaac Nonu, Erin O'Flaherty, Iana Pauga, Lajja Prajapati,
    Shavon Robson, Aman Singh, Matt Smith, Rebecca Smith,
    Samantha Tippet, Sarah Trass, Dylan Underwood, Ana Ung,
    Albert Walker, Caleb Wells
a deeply thought-provoking report on the agonies and ecstasies of our nation’s youth
— Paul Semei-Barton, NZ Herald


  • Basement Theatre, Auckland Theatre Company, 27 July - 10 August 2013
  • Gin & Raspberry, Wanaka Festival of Color, Wanaka 20 April - 25 April 2014