"It's just locker room talk"

BOYS is a deconstruction of Greg McGee's Foreskin's Lament  (1980), New Zealand's state of the nation play about rugby culture and masculinity. Using contemporary material ranging from the Chiefs ‘stripper scandal’ to Wellington College’s recent online incident, award-winning theatre-makers Eleanor Bishop and Julia Croft and a group of sixteen young people from Auckland take New Zealand's iconic locker room play and ask "what has changed since 1980?" Or more importantly, "what hasn't?" 

“BOYS takes Foreskin’s Lament and slices the Kiwi classic into a postmodern maze of modern masculinity, each act digging deeper into our collective psyches […] what remains is as vital and urgent as the original, evoking anger and empathy in equal measures.”
— Theatrescenes


  • ASB Waterfront Theatre, Auckland Theatre Company part of the 2017 Here & Now Festival, April 21 - 24, 2017 (New Zealand)

  • Toi Whakaari: New Zealand Drama School,
    June 8-20, 2019


  • Adapted by Eleanor Bishop from Greg McGee's Foreskin's Lament with text additions from Karin McCracken, James Wenley and cast

  • Direction: Eleanor Bishop

  • Performance: Ahrin Swift‐Mayor, TJ Snow, Laughlan Campion, Zechariah Julius‐Donnelly, Michael Hockey, Vincent Andrew‐Scammell, Elizabeth Winders, Julia Pereira, Madeleine Knowles, Stina Lundkvist, Taylor Rogers

  • Set & Costume Design: Ella Lincoln

  • Lighting Design: Jennifer Lal

  • Dramaturge: James Wenley

  • Assistant Director & Sexual Violence Prevention Specialist: Karin McCracken


  • Performance: Matthew Kereama, Arlo Green, Kyle Shields, Bronwyn Ensor, Kierron Diaz-Campbell, Dylan Thuraisingham, Simon Gilchrist, Isaac Kelly, Kevin Chen, Anita Erikson, Tatum Warren-Ngata, Kaitlin Mahar, Cailtin Smith, Ava Diakhaby, Todd Waters, Jaya Beach-Robertson

  • Set Design: Dan Williams

  • Sound Design: Te Aihe Butler

  • Lighting Design: Ruby Reihana-Wilson

  • Costume Design: Rose Miles-Watson

  • Producer: Lynne Cardy

The most important work on that stage? Not the main bills, but BOYS, the centrepiece of Here & Now, ATC’s rebranded youth festival. Deconstructing Foreskin’s Lament (which put the boot into rugby’s toxic masculinity in the 80s), the cast decisively tackled this country’s contemporary rape culture. Playing over just one weekend, it deserved to run for weeks.
— Metro


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