We inherit our sex lives: from movies and books, from past lovers, from porn. And we learn: sex is mostly heterosexual. Women are desired. Men do the desiring and sex is over when he comes.

Shattering these ideas, Body Double blends memoir, erotic fiction, scientific research and the language of Hollywood to expose the invisible rules that shape our relationships. Dating and dancing and orgasms and desire are exploded and re-examined with playful precision. 

Body Double combines live performance and projection, offering a fearless new gaze on contemporary romance.

If you are a woman or have ever wanted to fuck a woman, you too should see it. If you’ve ever caught yourself intellectualising the problematic-ness of literally everything you’ve ever loved, you’ll like Body Double.
— Wellingtonista
“A grand wild ride”
— NZ Herald
“Both a wry laugh and a howl of rage”
— Metro


  • Created by Eleanor Bishop & Julia Croft with Karin McCracken
  • Direction: Eleanor Bishop
  • Performance: Julia Croft & Karin McCracken
  • Media Design: Kevin Ramser
  • Scenography: Lucy Pope
  • Sound Design: Te Aihe Butler
  • Lighting Design: Marcus McShane
  • Associate Media Design: Owen McCarthy (Auckland season)
  • Production Management: Vicki Cooksley of Entertainment Production Services
  • Media & Scenography Assistance: Kasey Collins (Wellington season)
  • Produced by Lydia Zanetti & Helen Sheehan of Zanetti Productions (Wellington season)
  • Co-produced by Silo Theatre & Auckland Arts Festival (Auckland season)
  • Production Photography: Tabitha Arthur (Wellington season) & Andrew Malmo (Auckland season)
There is a lot to love about this, watching these two women express themselves on stage with such honesty while still being caring and empathetic. They’re clever and intellectual and funny. They light a fire of confidence inside me.
— Pantograph Punch


  • BATS Theatre, STAB Commission 2017, November 9 - 25, 2017 (Wellington, New Zealand) 
    Winner:  The Jack Jeffs Charitable Trust Award for Production of the Year - Wellington Theatre Awards 2017
  • Q Theatre Loft, Auckland Arts Festival & Silo Theatre, March 20 - 29, 2018 (Auckland, New Zealand)


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